Importance of employment for the rural youth

“Strengthen the rural areas and especially the youth and you will find few people migrating to urban areas. You give them an opportunity, education, self-respect and self-confidence, they will never move to an urban slum” – Bunker Roy

Due to rising population growth employment opportunities are becoming less and less, leaving the population unemployed and out of work. This leads to a crash in the economy and creates unrest among its people. At this time the people who agonize the most are the poor and the rural population, who have limited resources due to no income. Children including the youth search for employment opportunities in desperate times. Hence, it is crucial to understand the need for youth employment in rural areas, so that they flourish and have a good chance of a decent quality of life. It additionally also helps the economy to thrive generating more income and sustainability.

Constructive employment plays an integral role in the economic development and social integration of the youth. Three out of five economically developing youths all over the world are unemployed or working but still live in poverty. Working under poverty relates to the fact that the youth prefer to live in the informal economy. However, some also progressively move to the big cities and urban spaces weakening the workforce of the rural populace. 

Adequate steps should be taken for the employment of uneducated and poorly skilled youth, as the rural areas offer lesser opportunities lack of education to employ their skills in a better manner.

Some solutions to tackle this problem:


Without basic education, there is a lack of knowledge and understanding to carry out jobs effectively. While we are slowly progressing to bridge this gap, the needs of the rural youth have not kept pace with educational reforms. As the youth progressively acquire qualifications, it does not necessarily mean that number of jobs also goes up. Due to limited employment, the solution is through higher education and qualification requirements. Various projects have been undertaken through the years to train rural youth in leadership, entrepreneurship, and self-employment. However, training for self-employment is difficult as not all young people have the potential to run small ventures.


It is crucial for the youth to feel important and included in the growth of a community. This can be carried out by including them in social decisions. The numerous abilities and aptitudes of the women and the youth should be recognized for social decision-making for the growth of the community as a whole. The notion of abandoning the women and the youth for important resolutions should be abandoned as everyone holds an equal right. This makes them feel included and input their own insights further.


Due to a lack of education and knowledge, they are deprived of the various professions that they choose for themselves instead. This could be accomplished by investing more and more in mechanized agriculture, agro-tourism, agro-business, or by ascertaining value chain approaches for rural development. Including modern technologies in agriculture, also for non-farm activities like storage, distribution, processing, etc. also makes the rural professions attractive for the rural youth.


Financial products (savings, credit, and insurance) should be promoted to educate and raise awareness for funding opportunities for rural youth engagement. This can be beneficial information as they need to understand the importance to handle finances carefully and efficiently. This can further be used to grow their ventures, be it farming or non-farming and further exterminate them from falling in debt and manage their money thoughtfully and not recklessly.

India has a greater proportion of rural youth in its population. It is integral for them to understand their role and potential in a country’s development. They need to be employed in productive ventures and entrepreneurial capability realized so that we lead to broad economic growth.

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