Organic Farming | Strategy and Procedure

An initiative for the green revolution and to maintain biodiversity, organic farming is the best component. It has many benefits and a positive impact on human health. It also benefits all living beings who are mutually connected in an ecosystem. There are various problems with health issues, and it is only due to the lack of appropriate nutrients in our diet. The proper nutrients are found in organic products cultivated naturally, without using chemicals and pesticides. To explain the entire process of organic farming, it is necessary to elicit all the components associated with organic farming. And these are as follows.  

Natural Resources Used for Farming

Natural resources are used in the entire process of organic farming. Although, there is the usage of modern technology like tractors and other mechanical instruments for preparing the land and soil for agriculture. Nevertheless, there is no chemical usage in the production. Many functions related to farming are accomplished in the natural process, like weed control, mulching, irrigation, etc. These are essential components of organic farming, but there are many chemical substitutes to increase the yield these days. But organic agriculture entirely depends on a natural process.

The Traditional Method to Maintain The Fertility Of Soil

Soil fertility is essential in agriculture because without farming on fertile land, one cannot get maximum output. The Fertility of soil is maintained by the traditional methods, which use organic fertilizer and rotational methods. The rotational or cyclic methods support soil strength because any crop synthesizes the nutrient from the ground as per need, which is not suitable for the same crop for some time. To manage these requirements, the rotational method is used. It means the yields are changed one by one. In many places, there are three types of crops in one year.

Organic fertilizer

Organic fertilizer is used for farming to avoid the excessive use of chemicals. It is the most crucial factor that distinguishes organic products from others. Any yield produced in natural methods has various benefits. It consists of healthy and hygienic properties, solving multiple health issues. To make organic fertilizer, our farmers use cow dung, leaves of trees, and other wastages for making the compost. It is kept for decomposition and then used for maximum farm output. Organic fertilizer has various benefits like healthy and hygienic products, which benefit biodiversity and the ecosystem. It is economical because it is produced from natural resources, and there is no need to pay any extra amount for the fertilizer.

Preparation of Pesticides by Natural Process

There are various negative effects of pests on crops. Some unwanted pests damage the crops and lead to a significant loss. So, pest control is necessary for any farming. The process of making organic pesticides is also natural. It is prepared from organic products only. It helps crops be safe from pests and yield more. These organic farming processes positively impact our bodies’ health and nourishment.

Irrigation Method

Any farming cannot be successful without arranging a proper irrigation mechanism. The supply of water is necessary when it is required. Sometimes, delay in rain affects the crop. To confront that situation, there are arrangements for a water harvesting system. The stored rainwater is used whenever water is required for irrigation.


Organic farming is beneficial for the good health and nourishment of our bodies. It is also necessary for other living beings and maintains an ecosystem. But there are many challenges and preparation required for the maximum output. To manage all these needs, our experts use natural methods for preparing fertilizer, pesticides, water harvesting, etc. So, organic farming requires a strategy and appropriate procedure. With proper processes, employers and investors have lots of scopes. With the exponentially growing demand for organic agriculture, it will be beneficial for more returns.

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